About Us

Who we are?

We are a B2B related company, dedicated to provide the best corporate services in Bulgaria.
Our mission is to provide all-in-one professional service packages for foreign business or entrepreneurs,
who are looking to establish a strong presence in Bulgaria and European Union.

Our main focus is to remotely establish Bulgarian companies and legal entities for foreign citizens. Additionally we provide a wide range of services like accounting, bank account opening, trade mark registration and a lot more.

The number of Bulgarian companies owned by foreign citizens grows with each year as Bulgaria has the lowest tax rate in EU and one of the lowest tax rate globally. Bulgaria also has one of the most stable Bank system and permanent political cource. While taking about all the benefits, we cannot miss the lowest labour cost.

EUIncorporate.com is partnering with some of the most reputable experts in Bulgaria. During through the years we have registered more than 1000 companies and we have created a strong long term relationship with our customers.

We welcome you to become one of our happy customers.