Additional Servicies

Professional Business Services in Bulgaria

During the operation of your business, you may need one or more of our professional services.
Below you will find a list of them:

Bank account opening
Every company needs a bank account. We will open a bank account for your company in
one of our partner banks. read more…Obtaining licenses and permits
Our experts will assist you to obtain most of the licenses that your company needs to operate. A physical presence of the company Manager may be required for some of the registrations and licenses. read more…

Company changes
We can provide wide range of services associated with you company operation and functioning. From company transformations to filing file returns. read more…

Company liquidations
Do you need to close your company? There are several specific actions, required by Bulgarian law that need to be done and we are ready to do that for you. read more…

Accounting services
We will provide a full accounting service, managed by a licensed Bulgarian accountant on a monthly basis and all of this at a reasonable price. Our company philosophy is simple – Do your business and let us take care for the documentation. read more…

Trade mark registration
Would you like to protect your trade mark globally? Yes, we can register your business with all companies that are members of World Intellectual Property Organization. read more…

Legal services and consultations
We can also prepare contracts, letter of attorney or any other document, as well we can represent you in court, tax authorities, etc. read more…

Website and eCommerse solutions
Our partner web design company can develop for you a professional and nice looking website or online store. The website creates the first impression in the eyes of your customers read more…

Document translation and legalization
We can help you to obtain any official Bulgarian document or legalize any foreign document issued for Bulgaria. Also we can assist you to certificate any document in every embassy in Bulgaria. read more…

Let us help you with an advice

If you are not sure what additional services you need, please contact us. In most of the complex cases we will need to make a legal or accounting consultation. Only after a consultation we can define what is the right service that will suit you.

If you are interested in any of them, don’t hesitate to contact with us. When you send us your inquiry give us as much information as you can about:

  • Yourself
  • Your business
  • The goal that you are aiming for
  • And instructions that should be considered