Bank Account Opening

If you are looking for a bank account to operate with your company actives, it shell be a very good idea to open one in a Bulgarian bank. Our banks are excellent solution for several reasons.

Benefits of having a bank account

First of all we posses one of the most stable and effective bank systems in Europe.

Second of all is that the minimal required capital adequacy is nearly two times lower than in the other EU.

They are also part of SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area), which means instant transfers in the European Union.

The last but not least is that the Bulgarian lev is fixed to the Euro.

Through our experience we made perfect relations with different Bulgarian banks. In the time we learned how to open a big variety of bank accounts. Most of them can be opened without your presence, but some banks have the right to request your presence. Also we can open bank accounts in other currencies. All accounts can be managed true internet or telephone banking, also a variety of payment cards and brands can be issued.