Company Changes

Through the life of a company, you may need to do some changes.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Managing or changing the supervisory bodies;
  • Changing the address registration;
  • Process or transfer of company shares;
  • Manage the capitals of the company;
  • Change the name;
  • Branch establishment and registration;
  • Legal entities management through:
    – merger,
    – taking-over,
    – separating,
    – detachment,
    – changing of legal form,
    – assigning property to shareholder;
  • Parting or expelling of a shareholder;
  • Transferring shares or changing shareholders.


Other service that we can offer:

  • Issuing yearly financial reports into the Commercial Register;
  • Publish certificates from the Commercial Register
  • Duplicating company files if it is required.