Foreign Company Branch

Formation of Foreign company branch in Bulgaria

This professional service is intended for business people who are looking for an "all-inclusive" incorporation package, either in Sofia or any other city.

Our Service Includes

  • Preparation of all documents for the company formation
  • Translation of the company documents in English
  • Legalisation of documents notarised abroad
  • Depositing the company capital into a capital raising account
  • State fees and revenue stamps
  • Providing Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association translated in English

Optional Services

  • Registered and mailing address
  • Opening bank accounts with Bulgarian bank
  • Creation of a stamp
  • VAT Registration
  • Accounting for 1 year
  • Corporate Identity
  • Company Website

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Every single foreign company has the full right to register their own branch on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria and perform business activities, if its national legislation allows it. According to the resent Bulgarian legislation, the foreign company branch is not a legal entity. What foreign company branch? Registering a branch means moving a portion of the company's activities on a different location or country other than those where the company is originally registered. In other words, the branch office is an extension of the foreign company. In other words - it is important to be known that the foreign company is ultimately responsible for all liabilities by the arising due to acts of omission or commission of the Bulgarian branch. The branch office of the company reflects the unlimited liabilities for foreign parent. The specific feature of the branch of the foreign company is that it needs to maintain its own registered address, managers and property or assets.

Name restrictions

The client may choose a name which must be unique. Contact our customer services center in order to check if a specific company name is available.

Local address requirement


Minimum authorized capital

This business entity does not have its own capital

Minimum number of directors

1 of any nationality

Director eligibility

Individuals only

Country of the foreign parent company

It can be from any country

Requirement for a local director

No, but using a local nominee director is recommended under certain circumstances

Requirement for accounting


Corporate flat tax rate

10% on the net profit
The documents required for performing this service are as follows:
  • Valid international or domestic passport, or national ID card of each of the directors of the Bulgarian branch;
  • Notary certified specimen signature of each director;
  • Certificate from a foreign commercial register (or a relevant authority), showing that the company has been registered in accordance with the local legislation, as well as the names of the individuals who are authorized to sign on the company’s behalf;
  • Articles of Association of the foreign company;
  • Notary certified power of attorney issued by the individuals who are authorized to sign on behalf of the foreign company, with which they authorize and appoint director/s of the Bulgarian branch.

Special Notes

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Money back guarantee
All payments made by clients and agents have a 5-day money back guarantee. The guarantee is full and covers all services, methods and conditions of payment. In case a client or an agent requests a refund, he shall do so in writing no more than 5 days after the payment receipt. If such request does not fall in the category of the exceptions below, the remaining balance shall be refunded pro rata, after deducting all costs incurred so far.