Limited Partnership

Formation of Limited partnership in Bulgaria

This professional service is intended for business people who are looking for an "all-inclusive" incorporation package, either in Sofia or any other city.

Our Service Includes

  • Preparation of all documents for the company formation
  • Translation of the company documents in English
  • Legalisation of documents notarised abroad
  • Depositing the company capital into a capital raising account
  • State fees and revenue stamps
  • Providing Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association translated in English

Optional Services

  • Registered and mailing address
  • Opening bank accounts with Bulgarian bank
  • Creation of a stamp
  • VAT Registration
  • Accounting for 1 year
  • Corporate Identity
  • Company Website

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The Limited partnership, or LP, is a company consisting of two types of partners: limitedly and unlimitedly liable. A minimum number of unlimitedly liable partners is legally required – at least one. This partner is unlimitedly liable for the obligations of the legal entity with his/its own personal property, opposed to the limitedly liable partners which a liable with an amount no larger than the one deposited in the LP. It is legally required that the name of the LP contains the name of at least one of the unlimitedly liable partners, as well as the Bulgarian abbreviation corresponding to “LP” – “KD”. If the name of a limitedly liable partner is included in the name of the LP, he/it is deemed hereinafter unlimitedly liable.

Name restrictions

The client may choose a name which must be unique. Contact our customer services center in order to check if a specific company name is available.

Local address requirement


Minimum authorised capital

There is no minimum capital

Minimum number of directors

1 of any nationality

Director eligibility

Individuals and legal entities

Minimum number of partners

2 of any country

Partners eligibility

Individuals and legal entities

Legal form

KD (corresponds to Limited partnership)

Requirement for a local director or a partner

No, but using a local nominee director or a partner is recommended under certain circumstances

Requirement for accounting


Corporate flat tax rate

10% on the net profit

The documents required for performing this service are as follows:
  • Valid international or domestic passport, or national ID card of each of the directors (and shareholder, provided those are different individuals);
  • Notary certified specimen signature of each director;
  • If the company’s shareholder shall be a foreign legal entity, you shall need a document proving the existence of said legal entity and a copy of its articles of association.

Special Notes

No payment is required during the order process

You will receive an email from EU Incorporate with instructions related to the means of payment selected by you in the order form.

Money back guarantee

All payments made by clients and agents have a 5-day money back guarantee. The guarantee is full and covers all services, methods and conditions of payment. In case a client or an agent requests a refund, he shall do so in writing no more than 5 days after the payment receipt. If such request does not fall in the category of the exceptions below, the remaining balance shall be refunded pro rata, after deducting all costs incurred so far.