Why Company in Bulgaria?

Why Bulgaria is the best host of your business?

Choosing Bulgaria as a host of your business has many benefits and almost zero negatives.

The biggest benefit is that Bulgaria has the lowest tax rates in the European Union.
The corporate income tax rate is 10% and withholding tax on dividends is 5%.

You get easy access to the European market

The population of EU is 500 million peoples.
Bulgaria also has tariff free market with Turkey, which by itself has 80 million population.
The cherry is the agreements for free trade with Chile, Korea, Mexico, and South Africa;

You can benefit from the treaties with 70 other countries for NO double taxation;

Other benefits for you

  • The legislation are advanced and associated EU law system and all regulations;
  • The bank system is among the most stable in Europe also the Bulgarian lev is fixed to the Euro;
  • Lowest costs for doing business and lowest operating costs in EU.
  • One of the most comparative labour in EU. The main reasons for that are the salaries and highly educated multilingual peoples.
  • The country offers many investments and nearly non inflation level.